Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wicked And Heartless: He Finally Decides To Shares The Very Moment They Had Together [See Photos]

Hum! something i wonder why will a lady allow his his man to get a video of her especially when they are in love. they seems to forget all about Morales all in the name of trying to please his man…

OMG!! See How University Boys Video Themselves Sleeping with a Girl (WATCH VIDEO)

The sad scene above happened in calabar, where some UniCal boys decided to take a revenge on a girl who has been playing men and collecting their money.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Political Parties Prostitudes: Photo of Warri Billionaire, Ayiri Emami campaigning for APC

Prostitudes are not only women who engages in sexual intercourse for money sometime terms as whore or harlot. Moresoso men also engages in sexual acts for money. But this time Nigerian Politician can be term synonymous to Prostitude, switching from one Political  parties to another for financial gains. The photos shows Warri billionaire Ayiri Emami who used to be a diehard member of PDP in Delta state defected to the APC a few days ago. His defection came as a surprise to many people. This is someone who followed GEJ to campaign in many states and now he's 'Sai Buharing'. As LIB stated "Our politicians are not role models".

Igbos Brothers & Sisters, Have you Purchased your Life Jacket Yet?

If you have not gotten one, this is your last chance to purchase one. You’ll find the deal here. More deals adjusting to life in the Lagoon after the cut...

What? Justin Bieber shares intimate Pic with Kendall Jenner

I think these two are codedly dating each other or at least banging. He's a hot 21 year old pop star and she's a hot 19 year old model. Usually, people like these are never 'just friends'. Oh please! She's spending nights at his home in LA, she attended his roast on Comedy Central and he's touching her intimately and sharing the photos on instagram. They are def banging...:-). Cute couple!

Jide Macaulay the Nigerian Gay Pastor,Writes letter to Homophobes using Bible Quotes

Openly gay Nigerian pastor, Jide Macaulay wrote an interesting letter to homophobes on Facebook this morning. Read below...:-)
Far too many people play God and dehumanize Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans, and Intersex people throughout the world, in every culture, race, background etc.
The discrimination is so bad that it leaves many LGBTI people wondering and asking questions. This letter to Homophobes is being reproduced to answer many questions people have asked me.
Both heterosexuals and homosexual people, People of all faith have claimed that homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22 and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wicked And Heartless: He Finally Decides To Shares The Very Moment They Had Together [See Photos]

Hum! something i wonder why will a lady allow his his man to get a video of her especially when they are in love. they seems to forget all about Morales all in the name of trying to please his man…

David Mark Blasts False Prophets in Nigeria. Demands They Apologize to Nigerians

David Mark has criticized the prophets and men of God who mislead Nigerians with false prophesies. He called on them to apologize to Nigerians, because according to him, many Nigerians had fled to their hometown while the rest run away from the country thinking there would be ‘war’ and bloodshed. He also went ahead to call them prophets of doom, saying they speak nothing but lies.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Driverless car finishes 3,400 mile cross-country trip

Phew! It took nine days, crossed 3,400 miles and touched 15 cities but the first coast-to-coast trip by a driverless car is complete.The trek started at the Golden Gate Bridge and ended in midtown Manhattan on Thursday. It was organized by auto parts maker Delphi (DLPH) to test its automated driving technology.

Photo: Woman strips naked at the beach as mini-heatwave hits the UK

A mini-heatwave hit the UK over the weekend, with visible clear skies and warm air bringing hot temperatures. It's so hot in many parts of the UK right now that this woman removed her clothes and strolled naked except for her hat with her dogs at the beach in Cornwall yesterday. See up-close photo
after the cut...

10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Saw this list on a site called ViralShares and thought I should share… *wink*

1. Brazil

 Brazil, home to the greatest number of fitness models within the Latin region, is a place where you’ll find women who rank among the most beautiful on the planet. Both blonde and brunette Brazilian girls are well known for their sexy, sporty and very attractive bodies which greatly complements their ravishing looks. Most famed women from Brazil have medium complexion with glowing skin.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter to Everyone

May the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ Brings us Peace, Love and Joy in the Holy Ghost. Once again Happy Easter.

Nigeria President Elect says he Won’t Condone Looting of Public Treasury

The President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, has assured Nigerians that he would not condone looting of their common patrimony. He also promised to handle state resources with utmost responsibility and honesty.

Nigeria Politics: APC Lawmakers Serve Fayose ‘Impeachment’Notice

The 19 All Progressives Congress lawmakers in the Ekiti State House of Assembly have begun moves that may lead to impeachment proceedings against Governor Ayodele Fayose.

Nigeria Governorship Poll: APC, PDP in Fierce Battle for Lagos, Benue, Others

The results of presidential and parliamentary elections have spurred the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party to go back to the drawing board ahead of Saturday’s governorship and state Houses of Assembly elections.

Nigeria Post Election: Oritsejafor Prays for Buhari’s Administration

President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Ayo Oritsejafor, has called on Nigerians to embrace peace, love and forgiveness for one another.

Kenyan Attack Update: Heartbreaking Pics of Family Members as they ID the Bodies of their loved ones

Relatives of victims of the Kenyan University attack were invited to Chimomo Mortuary in Kenya this morning to identify the bodies of their loved ones who were massacred two days ago at their school by Al-Shabaab militants. This story should be the number trending story in the world right now but sadly, it's not. More photos after the cut...

Under me, Your Money will be Safe – Buhari

President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, has given assurances to Nigerians that he will handle state resources with utmost responsibility & honesty & would not condone the looting of public resources

He said this while receiving a delegation of the people from his home state, Katsina, who came to congratulate him winning the presidential election. Buhari said savings from his war against corruption would be ploughed into education with the objective of empowering citizens.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Photos: Pres. Jonathan at Good Friday Service at the Villa Yesterday

 President Jonathan with Bayelsa state governor, Dickson Seriake and others at a church service to celebrate Good Friday at Aso Villa chapel yesterday April 3rd. Another photo after the cut..

Finally! Nadia Buhari shows a Glimpse of her Twin Angels... (photo)

It's just their hands. In the spirit of the celebration of Easter, Ghanian actress, Nadia Buari gave fans a glimpse of her twin baby girls. Now waiting to see their faces...

OMG: Female at Garrissa University, Kenya, found hiding after 48 hours

According to journalist Christian Purefoy, the female in the picture (above) named Cynthia was found hiding in a wardrobe, under clothes roughly 48 hours after the attack. She closed her eyes and hid in a cupboard for over 48 hours and heard the terrorists separate Muslims from non-Muslims and killed the Christians. 147 people lost their lives that day. Another photo after the cut...

Photos: 17-Year Old Hayley Okines Trapped In 104-Year-Old Body, Passes Away

Hayley Okines, the courageous 17-year-old from England with a rare and fatal condition that prematurely aged her body nearly eight times faster than normal, passed away Thursday night. Her mother, Kerry, posted the announcement on Facebook: “My baby girl has gone somewhere better. She took her last breath in my arms at 9.39pm x.”

Hayley, who penned the autobiography Old Before My Time at the age of 14 and was known as Britain’s 100-year-old teenager (her body had aged to 104 at the time of her death), suffered from Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome, also known as HGPS or Progeria.

Pres. Jonathan & his family Begin to Move Personal Effects from Aso Rock

According to a report by Punch, President Jonathan and his family members have started moving their personal belongings out of the Presidential Villa in Abuja. One of the newspaper's reporters said he saw some buses loaded with travel bags moving out of the President’s official residence yesterday afternoon Friday April 3rd.

It is believed that the president and his family will return to Otuoke, Bayelsa, once his tenure ends on May 29th.

There are also reports that the reason for the early removal of personal belongings of the First Family is to allow for renovation work of the residence to commence before Buhari comes into power in May. 

Presidency to investigate audio leak of GEJ's Congratulatory phone call to Buhari

When we all heard the audio of president Jonathan's congratulatory phone call to Gen Buhari on March 31st, some of you thought it was leaked by the presidency to make Pres. Jonathan look good but according to new reports, the presidency is embarrassed by the leak and has commenced a discreet investigation into how the phone conversation was leaked.

Photos: Gov. Amaechi Carries Cross of Cruxification to Celebrate Good Friday

Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state today carried the cross of crucifixion to mark the Good Friday celebration. More photos after the cut...

147 Students Massacred in Kenya. Where's the Outrage from world leaders?

 Few days ago 147 students in a Kenyan university were massacred by Somali terrorists, a day later, the world has moved on from the story. African lives matter too!

Nobody should celebrate Buhari by Etcetera

Article by Etcetera..

Why are we dancing? Why do we keep rolling out the drums each time we have a new government, only for us to start crying few months down the line? Is it that we are too quick to forget or we just love to dance? Do you celebrate a child who’s about to write his exams or the one who has written and passed? What is this jubilation for? 

Friday, April 3, 2015

President-Elect 100 Days Covenant With Nigerians: Fish Starts To Rot From The Head – Buhari

 I decided to publish this article as a record and checklist for GMB for his 100days in office. Please WAB readers we are all in this process together, let us support the change and ensure we do our part. A must Read 100 Days Agenda of GMB.
Corruption and Governance
I pledge to:
  • Publicly declaration of my assets and liabilities
  • Encourage all my appointees to publicly declare their assets and liabilities as a pre-condition for appointment. All political appointees will only earn the salaries and allowances determined by the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Allocation Commission (RMFAC).

The Thrill of Thresome Sex in Marriage

I must confess that the first time I heard that some marital arrangements are beginning to accommodate this oddness…I did not believe it. Not until a lady wrote me a few days ago. That her ‘abroad returnee’ husband suggested they make their sex life more exciting by bringing in a female participant. This was after she had their second baby.

Buhari: This Is Not The People's Victory - by Adekoya Boladale

Adekoya Boladale is a political scientist and scholar on good governance, a social commentator and consultant on political and intra governmental affairs. He is the Convener, Advocacy for Better Leadership (ABEL), Nigeria. Below is an interesting article he wrote. He said Nigeria is run by five people. 1. Gen.Theophilus Danjuma. 2. Ibrahim Babangida, 3. Emir of Kano, 4. Olusegun Obasanjo and 5. the Oil Mafias.Read and tells us what you think...

Buhari: This Is Not The People's Victory
Few years ago, one of my student stood up in the middle of a lecture and asked, 'Sir, who owns Nigeria?' I was teaching a topic on colonialism and it could have been easy for me to answer, the British, but that would have been appropriate if only we were still under colonial rule. Its been decades since we exchanged the union jack for the green and white flag to enjoy self-government. The question though simple to a layman, is pregnant with meanings.

Photos: Adaeze and Joseph Yobo show off her New Born Son

The Yobos showed off their new born son in two videos shared on instagram a few minutes ago. Here are some screen-grabs. Many more when you continue... 

Photo: Pope Francis Washes & Kisses Prisoner's feet in Celebration of Holy Week

Pope Francis washed and kissed prisoner's feet at Rebibbia prison in Rome yesterday April 2nd after holding a Holy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper for inmates. The pontiff knelt over a basin to clean the feet of 12 prisoners - mimicking Jesus' washing of his apostles' feet on the Thursday before his death. The Pope joins other Christians around the world in colourful celebration of Holy Week. See some more photos of the celebrations from around the world after the cut...

A Germanwing Pilot did Something Powerful to Comfort anxious Passengers on his flight

You know how you enter a plane and you don't really see who's flying it, just the air-hosts/hostesses? Well, a pilot of a Germanwings plane did something yesterday on a flight from Berlin to Paris that many have hailed as commendable, following the crash of a plane by another Germanwings pilot, Andreas Lubitz. Since the incident, Germanwings passengers have been left fearful and anxious.

According to one of the passengers on the plane, Roche Kelly, who told the story on Facebook, he said the unnamed pilot wanted passengers to put a human face to the man who was flying them and so he came out to speak to the entire plane before they flew, so everyone could look him in the eyes.

Kelly described the emotional moment the pilot took it upon himself to speak to passengers in three different languages about the upcoming flight, promising to get them to their destination safely. Find what Kelly wrote after the cut...

Police Narrates How Kano INEC Resident officer and his family died in fire incident, rules out Foul Play

Kano state Police Commissioner, Mr Ibrahim Idris has narrated how Alhaji Munkaila Abdullahi, the Kano state INEC resident officer, his wife & 2 daughters were killed in a fire incident at the family's home this morning.

Speaking with newsmen this afternoon, CP Ibrahim Idris said preliminary investigation carried out by the police suggests that the fire might have been as a be as a result of an electrical fault. He ruled out foul play. What he said after the cut...

WATCH Video and Full Transcript of Pres. Jonathan’s Call to Buhari

 It was the historic moment from President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Goodluck Ebele Jonathan called his successor Muhammadu Buhari to congratulate him on his win on March 31.
Well, a recording of the golden telephone call by President Goodluck Jonathan to Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.)  hit the Internet on Thursday. The recording revealed what transpired between the two leaders.
                                                        WATCH VIDEO HERE.
According to the Video, the following conversation ensued between Jonathan and after the cut...

Oby Ezekwesili Attacks Jonathan: You Are No Hero!

Primary advocate for the BBOG group and former minister of education, Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili has said that Nigerians would only know the extent of damage President Jonathan has done to Nigeria when his administration is over. 

A Very Rich Sad Guy Ex'p0ses a Private Photos of His Ex-Girl (See Full Photos & Video)

Hum! Sometimes i wonder what this Guys see in doing things that are ungodly... I see this as an act of evil or demonic in nature...or probably where they derive their maximum satisfactions from..I hope this guys have a change of Heart in other not to release the remaining part of the photos..... 

Technology: Cars That Will Drive For 100Yrs Before Refuelling (Photos)

 The new Thorium car, created by a company called Laser Power Systems, is completely emission-free, turbine-free, and is electricity generated. It’s one of the new sustainable-powered engines to show just how unnecessary modern day propulsion engines are and also offer an exciting alternative.

Man Steals N15M After Digging Tunnel Under ATM Machine (Photos)

 Thieves tunnelled underneath a convenience store to steal thousands of pounds of cash from under an ATM machine.It is estimated that the thieves stole up to N15,000,000 from the ATM at Tesco Express in Whitworth Road, Rochdale.The theft was discovered when Tesco staff called a maintenance man to fix the cash machine and he uncovered the tunnel.The mole burglars removed cash cassettes, with their tunnel causing more than £2,000 of damage at the store.Police are currently investigating the theft.See more photo after the cut:

Fr Mbaka Congratulates Gen Buhari, says his Victory Confirms him as a True Prophet of God

Outspoken Enugu based cleric, Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry Enugu has sent out a congratulatory message to Gen Buhari on his victory. In his congratulatory message signed by his spokesman, Maximus Ugwuoke, Fr Mbaka stated that Gen Buhari's victory has proven that he was indeed a true prophet of God. His congratulatory message below

Photos: Meet the Baby Born with no Eyes

  One child born with horns, another one born without a eyes and now a new baby born without nose Read here. Care worker Danielle Davis, 24, and her partner, Andrew Smith, 31, from South Wales  welcomed a daughter two months ago - a baby with no eyes. Danielle said she knew there was something horrible wrong with her child because a routine scan when she was pregnant showed her child had a cyst on the brain but she refused to have an abortion. After the child was born, doctors confirmed she had anophthalmia, a birth defect which affects just one in 10,000 babies.

AVIATION TRAGEDIES: List of Planes that were crashed on purpose by Pilots

Mozambique Airlines Flight 470 (November 29, 2013)
The lives of 27 passengers and six crew members were lost when the plane crashed in the Bwabwata game park in northeastern Namibia.
The plane started losing altitude at 38,000 feet and went down swiftly, Namibia’s Civil Aviation Department told CNN when the crash happened.
The flight was en route from Maputo, Mozambique, to Angola.
According to ASN, the crash happened after the co-pilot left the cockpit to go to the bathroom. The captain then manually changed the plane’s settings to begin the rapid descent, ASN reported.
The cockpit voice recorder captured the sounds of someone pounding on the cockpit door, according to ASN. The reasons behind the captain’s actions remain unknown.

2 ISIS-inspired women arrested for bomb plot in NYC

Federal agents in the United States have arrested two women who allegedly planned to detonate a bomb in New York City after becoming radicalized by the self-styled Islamic State.