Monday, February 24, 2020

“Givers Never lack”.

I give even when I don’t have enough. Am always ready to share out of so little I have. Hence, it’s just a matter of time, I always meet my goals by my creator’s intervention.
Regardless of the hustle of my life's journey, I was supporting many folks around including my family members with the resources I was making from odd jobs. I am ever ready to share my resources, time or knowledge to anyone, no matter their race or background. You reading my little true life stories is evidence that I'm giving back by inspiring many. No wonder, God in return sends individuals who are ready to go all out to take me to my next level. How well can you go all out to share your resources with your friends, strangers or family? If you cannot give N10k to strangers, why are you expecting N100k from helpers? Do you respond to your DMs, let alone pick calls from help seekers? I beat my chest, not that I have all the time, I respond to all my DMs and I pick/return all miss calls. By doing that, God similarly takes good care of my unforeseen expectations and family worries. You don’t need plenty in other to share. Start from little; like your time, information or pleasantries. Some of us hold helpful and important information from our true friends, yet we expect to succeed. No man is an Island. Make life meaningful to strangers and see how your expectations will be met.

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