Wednesday, February 5, 2020

“Let your dressing determines people’s first impression towards you”

You may lose a great opportunity with a recruiter or a helper just because of indecent dressing. My mother taught me how to dress with very strict discipline. Thanks, mum✌🏾. Although I grew up with very few clothes and shoes due to reasons beyond me, thank God, today I can afford as many as needed. At a time, I didn’t see clothes as priorities due to limited funds. However, I made sure I packaged myself very well at all times. I will dress up with the few I had like a million-dollar man when I barely was not sure of my next meal.

How well do you dress when you are stepping out? Are you dressing for fashion or trends? Do you dress to impress or to stress your finances just to look good? While hustling, I bought clothes that will serve as multi-purpose. Same clothes for church, work and groove. Funny right? Many people even go as far as posting pictures with unprofessional clothing on their profile picture on the LinkedIn platform. Recruiters will not take you seriously when your dressing is unappealing. You should know that the LinkedIn platform is not for show-off of fashion prowess, except that’s your career focus. Aside from LinkedIn, as job seekers you need to appear professional at all times before prospective recruiters, hiring managers or those that can help you. Remember, you will be addressed the way you are dressed" God bless you. 

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