Tuesday, February 4, 2020

My Heartbeat!! my PERSONA

Having been through different life experiences, “the good, the bad and the ugly”. No doubt, I can say to you that the only reason why anyone should be a failure is “self”.

I was born into a below-average family background, grew up in the village before relocating to the city of Lagos at the age of 16. I had every reason to fail on the street of Lagos, but those usual sweet excuses of failure would have been my lot today. God forbid! Excuses like; I have no sponsor, no godfather, my parents couldn’t afford my tuition fee because it was expensive, homelessness etc. My life in Lagos was not pleasant either but I stood up, challenging myself, making do with what I could afford to break limits, protocols and impacting my world. No wonder my HND certificate is a gold mine. Listen, guys, you cannot maximize or utilize what you don’t value. Hence, I have determined to be a voice of hope to many who are walking the same path. To you all who are feeling the same heat of life, You are my “Persona”. You can do it! Use your God-given brain first, Keep healthy and uplifting friends who can inspire you. Above all, maximize the resources around you to better get to your destination. Stay tuned on this page as I will be sharing more true life experiences. God bless you.

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