Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Setting Priorities and Boundaries

In my quest to succeed, I had to set my priorities and boundaries. Reason being that, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything.
And, I needed my circle of friends to understand and know what I (Fred) stood for at all times. One priority I hold so dearly to my heart till date is that “every money, income or resources I get must be used in such a manner that it creates wealth, adds value and generates ROI for future survival”. While an applicant, hustling in Lagos, the money I made from odd jobs and modelling was used as follows; a large portion was set aside for constant visits to cyber-café for self-taught computer lessons & professional development, jobs & foreign admission search, transport fare to drop my resume at different organizations, etc. Call cards and food were seen as a luxury because both were purchased based on necessity. Am conservative, right? Not really. Am just frugal. I knew folks whose priority was to please their girlfriends immediately with some small cash drops in their hands. I know some whose priorities were luxury before necessities. What are your priorities and boundaries in your quest to succeed? Always remember, your priorities and boundaries define your end goals.

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