Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Answers to Questions My Mentees Keep Asking

(1). I would like to know how you got so many things figured out early in life, Such as having a Personal Mission Statement?

(2). How did you bridge the gap between HND and MSC without PGD or Pre-requisites?

I get these questions,and more always from my mentees. And my first response is always this: Being a child from a below-average family with both parents as teachers and me not being book smart, in addition to the fact that I lacked street sense; considered that a triple tragedy for me as a person whilst growing up.

Upon arriving in Lagos at age 16 I figured out that, by being book and street smart I will break the boundaries of poverty. Then the journey began. I had to set standards for myself as I went. Success has always been my lot.  Here are the few of them;
  • keep fewer distractions with the opposite sex, drunks and bad company,
  • Selected smart-like friends with like-minds with me,
  • Keep relationships with older folks whom I learn from. Serve them, in return to get their blessing s & favors.
  • Read a lot of books to better equip my knowledge bank. 
  • Set realistic short and long term goals void of prejudice, bias tendencies, selfishness and negativity
  • Map out plans and strategies on how to realize my goals, 
  • Refine and restrategize every 90-120 days if strategies are not working or producing results, 
  • Spend time surfing the net for opportunities,
  • Above all, my personal prayer life is never non-negotiable. 
The above are my responses to those two questions.

Feel free to reach out to me for clarity.

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