Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Confidence and Competency are also Key Factors to Success

Confidence and competency are two very important subjects that cannot be separated when it comes to attaining success in your career or daily hustle. These two words are products of consistency. They both are built over time by knowledge acquisition and practice at what you find yourself doing consistently. Again, as the saying goes, “whatsoever your hand findeth to do, do it well”.

I never studied computer programming or application in my undergraduate level, but when I found myself in graduate school taking several computer programming and application courses, I had no choice but to build confidence and competence over time through consistent practice. Furthermore, to achieve that confidence and competency level, I went online to sign up for more certification training to better raise my confidence and competence level. To you out there, how is your confidence and competence level at what you do or desire to do? This can only be attained over a period of time by constant practice, and it demands a lot of hard work. Are you prepared to raise that expectation? If your answer is Yes! then get to work because that your anticipated drastic change is dependent on these factors, consistency, confidence and competence.

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