Thursday, March 12, 2020

Consistency is a Requirement to Succeed

What you all are seeing or reading on my page daily is a product of consistency over the years. Consistency is a function of the determination you make through writing your vision and mission down. But, how consistent are you in your daily pursuit? Don't forget Seasonal Productivity is a recipe for frustration, depression and failure. With daily constant review and refinement of the vision and mission statement, daily aiming at the "Golden Fleece," success is inevitably imminent.

I have had several rejections, failures and setbacks in my quest for success. I even shared how I lost several university admissions, how I didn’t secure a job 3 years after graduation from the Polytechnic, how I was faced with challenges in the US after graduate school, marital and family challenges etc. 

In all, I kept my cool, consistently focusing, restrategizing and pushing on. Consistency gave me the drive to keep fighting. My goal was to find my career in corporate America. No doubt, with consistency I got it, now every other thing is falling into place for me. Do you easily get discouraged after a little setback or rejection? Do you understand that success will most times run away from you? It is time to have a deeper understanding of the term consistency and how to apply it.

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