Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I am “a Calabar Boy” with a Difference.

Although I was usually addressed as “omo-Igbo” by many while in college since all those from the East are considered “Igbos,” but in reality, I am an ‘odobo boy” from Okobo in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Yes!

Taking the risk to leave my parents for Lagos all in search for greener pastures before I turned 16 was the best decision I ever made; even though it was risky, rough and tough. This was shortly after I lost my first admission to UNIUYO. Upon arriving in Lagos I met one unpleasant surprise about my kinsmen from Cross River & Akwa Ibom. They were identified as individuals who are only capable to work as a “house boy or girl”, sometimes “gateman”. God forbid, that would never be me. I told myself that I will never end up a house boy. I dare you to make such determination!

From that day on, I was determined to be educated and to become an elite. The academic advancement and elite-like career goals among Lagos dwellers were my motivational driving force. Little wonder my path was directed to Ekiti State "The Land of Honour and Integrity”. Ekiti lecturers taught me well over the years. While pursuing my academic goals through college, my kinsmen were making jest of me. Today, hard work pays off. Although I did the house-boy runs to survive, it was just a means to an end. What is constant is that I am still a Calabar boy but with a unique difference. Determine to be different in your community, family, the circle of friends or neighbour. Do not follow the crowd, but the cloud. Dare to be different! friends, Strive for mastery. Good luck! 

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