Thursday, March 26, 2020

Desperate Times, Demand Desperate Measures

“How did you balance your life in school without allowing the stress of no money to affect? secondly, is there any ritual for success?”

Quite amazing when I read questions like the one above from my mentees or fans, all I say is desperate times, demands desperate measures... The grit to succeed in life demands desperate measures. Despite how challenging it was for me to secure admission in the university, I know how challenging it would have been, should I not attain a college degree. Against all odds, I strived, little wonder why I value the HND degree I attained.

If you could recall in one of my posts, I shared how I took my destiny in my hand; by approaching my former state governor in the aircraft he boarded, for flight school sponsorship? I knew my action would have cost me my job, as at that time but, I needed a leap and the next level in my career pursuit. 

Are you ready for that desired drastic change in your career pursuit? Then a desperate measure is expected to make the desired paradigm shift. For most of us, all we need is information that will create that significant turn around we desire. Are you in desperate times? Then, make positive desperate measures.

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