Thursday, March 12, 2020

Diaspora Life! Not as Easy as Expected

Very many folks desire to relocate to different countries of their choice. In their wild thought process, they believe upon arrival they will immediately secure a job no matter how little or menial the job is, they will start learning the hard currency and start sending the money home for one project or the other. It's far from that, if it were that easy, many of us would have been somewhere far more desirable than where we are today.


Life in the diaspora is as tough as any other location. Little wonder in one of my previous posts, “ant in your country: elephant in diaspora” I mentioned that I will shed more light on it.

Using myself as a case study, it took me over 3 years before I started working in the US. Working in the diaspora demands immigration privileges, It is a process, and one must meet the needed requirements. A process better to be experienced than explained.


For me, upon receiving the needed privileges, I started with a minimum wage job of $11/hr. I had to juggle jobs to be able to have enough to support my graduate school tuition, cater for myself and in addition, support the much-needed family members and friends back home. It can be draining! Hence, while thinking of relocating, even if you are relocating as an immigrant with all the needed privileges, understand that it is not as rosy as you think. The good news is that it can be fun when you weather the storm of settling and start a fulfilling career. 


The good news is that life can be fun when you weather the storm of settling and start a fulfilling career. Wishing all prospective non-immigrants & immigrants a smooth transition ahead.

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