Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Fear - Killer of Dreams and Success

Long before now, I had conquered "fear," the killer of dreams, visions and success. Surrendering to fear is the beginning of failure and fear of the unknown shouldn’t be heard of a success seeker.In like manner, fear of failure or rejection shouldn't be an option to consider in the pursuit of success.

I have had my share of failures, rejections and disappointments, but I saw them all as an opportunity to restrategize and bounce back. Like I shared before, I have had failed admissions, visa rejections and disappointments in jobs applications both in Nigeria and here in the USA. However,none of them ever deterred me or stopped me from trying the process all over again.

Refusal to keep trying when confronted with failure(s) or rejection is an evidence of fear. That is self defeat in essence. Victory over fear is the first step to success. The successes of today are evidence of victories over disappointments, failures and ultimately  fear. Are you ready to succeed? Then suppress the fear of failure which is the major factor of limitation to success. Always remember, your creator’s gift for you is not of fear but that of a sound mind and boldness. Stay positive fam!

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