Tuesday, March 31, 2020

“From HND to PHD” wasn’t a Scam

I will not be deterred from living my calling which is motivating and inspiring my mentees just because of a few sycophants and myopic individuals. These individuals delight in coming to one’s page and labeling others with different names. Perhaps they are used to chronic liars and scammers around them, reasons why they tend to believe others are the same. No, there are few outstanding ones and I am one of them.

Before I proceed, I will like to state clearly that I do not share lies or scam on my page as I  hold firm to my integrity, trustworthiness and rectitude. Should you find what I post on my page disturbing, just pass-by or DM me and I will explain in private, but if you choose to label me what I am not, it will simply earn you a block ASAP. Take note. On several occasions I have shared very personal documents with those who DM me just to validate my claims. Again labeling me will deny you future access.

Few days ago, I shared a success story of one of my mentees ( an HND graduate) who was offered admission for a PHD degree. Yes, you heard me. PHD degree. Apparently, many didn’t understand what HND to PHD admission stands for. Let me explain. I vividly recall I was granted similar admission for medicinal chemistry for a PHD program with my WES evaluated transcript. In that college, a graduate student can only be admitted for a PHD program for 5 years in a roll for Medicinal Chemistry. Apparently, because their funding was 75%  and I wanted just a Master's degree, I had to turn it down, plus I couldn't afford the 25%. No doubt this was exactly what my mentee experienced,but negotiations are still ongoing for full funding or partial funding.
 No doubt there are a lot of folks with the "impossible" mindset, which explains the high level of ignorance and lack of information. Some folks with BSC degrees think they are superior over HND graduates. I'm sorry, I am a proud HND graduate, no apologies. I have got my acts together. Please let us drop the discrimination and strive to be of help to each other by sharing ideas and asking questions to up lift fellow Nigerians. The act of bringing others down has not and will never help anybody. 
Once again, I offer myself to serve and share, especially to answer all your questions to the best of my ability. Please do not label me or anyone on my page, we are all here to learn and support each other. It is not my joy to block anyone, but instead of entertaining uncivil behavior, I will help your exit. I hope the above letter of admission will inspire more doubters and give both BS.C and HND graduates the future hopes and ability to work hard.. 

You can do it friends, buckle up, strive and keep pushing.


  1. Am very sure i can, thank you for accepting this call to inspire others.

  2. Am very sure i can, thank you for accepting this call to inspire others.

  3. Nice one, God bless u, keep doing ur good work

  4. I love your courage and inspiration