Monday, March 16, 2020

“How I bridged the gap between HND and MSC without PGD or Pre-requisites?”

For the love of my fans, men-tees and followers, I am compelled to respond to the particular question above. After carefully searching for the course of interest based on the job availability and pay rate,I settled for “Healthcare Informatics”.

Next was the choice of graduate college. In considering my choice,I looked at the tuition,duration and proximity to accommodation and my many minimum wage jobs.

Long b4 now,I had transferred my HND transcript to the World Education Service (WES) since 2011.At WES, both the original transcript and the evaluated copies are kept for use at any request.
My chosen graduate college requested WES evaluated transcript,Personal Statement, Application fees(later waived), and resume.An interview was then fixed & attended. I got my admission letter a week later. I'd like to note here that,not all colleges accept an evaluation from WES, some, like their transcripts sent directly from your undergrad college or other evaluation organization.Surprisingly, my grad school did not require any prerequisite from me.

Listen guys,our country may not value and discriminate against HND but other countries love and value the HND degree.Drop the doubt and explore with all your grit.

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