Tuesday, March 31, 2020

It's April - Happy New Month

I cannot be grateful enough for the life we all are witnessing today. We may not be in high spirit as we all desired, but what we all share in confidence is that we shall all overcome. In excitement, we rejoice as we start a new month today, may be overcome and accomplish all that we set our minds to accomplish this month.

No doubt the evolving pandemic sometimes has made us become lethargic, disoriented, distracted and uninspired due to discouragement, or challenges confronting them. And so, we can hardly wait for a particularly dragging and sickening month of march to end, with hope this new one will be different.

Always remember that with hope, comes excitement, expectations, burst of adrenaline, unlimited energy and zeal. Sometimes, all these emotions fizzle out so quickly when there’s no corresponding result or desired change. Discouragement leads to frustration, discontinuation of positive action and lethargy. Thereby, the pattern of failure and waiting for another opportune time is established.

For the bubble of excitement and hope not to burst, offer your family, friends acquaintance hope. Strive to inspire them with words that will keep them going even when the situation is tough and impossible. Sustaining their adrenaline pumping level with a large dose of inspired messages should became a consistent habit, through which comes hope and happiness.

Nonetheless, we know that it wasn’t too long ago that the new year 2020 got celebrated with a varying degree of excitement. Each new month offers hope. Such hope needs to be sustained for the overall new year goal to be achieved. Therefore, i urge you all to brace up for the best and the goodies of the new month. Staying positive, void of fear and anxiety should be a way of life.

I wish everyone a very happy new Month.

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