Saturday, March 7, 2020

Keep Busy while waiting!!!

It took me 3 years to secure my first job in April 2008 after NYSC completion in Feb 2005. During those 3 years aside applying for jobs, I was busy doing odd jobs to put body and soul together.
In addition, to improve myself, I used to visit cyber-cafe to browse N100/1hr at any given opportunity, hence acquiring computer skills. Today, I live off a computer, yet I never attended computer school. I made a few thousand from modelling and acting, then I saw a need to register for phonetics to get rid of my village ascent in my diction which usually gave me low self-esteem at that time. Little did I know I will end up as a flight crew where good diction will be required. In like manner, while waiting for a job after grad school in the US, I started taking certifications before I got my first job 6 months after graduation while still doing a menial job. Keep busy, no time is wasted. Please get busy while awaiting that job, grad school or admission because “an idle hand they say, is a devil’s workshop”. Remember, every legit hustle during the waiting season gets you closer to your dream. God bless you.

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