Thursday, March 19, 2020

Little things Count and they Add up.

“A journey of a thousand mile starts with a step”. Yes, it starts with a step. Consistency comes with a slow but steady process & progress.
The slow but steady process & progress bring about evidential results. For the fact that we don’t see or get our expected results, doesn’t mean there are no progress or results. Hence, I must say that keeping busy during our waiting time for that big break may sound a waste of time or too little below our level, but sorry to tell you that it adds up. Many will give you little financial support or ethical support below your expectation, but how you receive them and harness them adds up to your progress or future accomplishments. 

Looking back, while in college in Ekiti, and a resident in Lagos, I was literally juggling jobs in the two states to cater to my bills and tuition fees. While on vacation, I will be hustling every odd job to make both ends meet. Little did I know, I was going to end up in a country where I will have to work crazy hours, cater for myself, immediate family, extended family, attend grad school, keep up with online business and seek for a corporate American dream. Many wonder how I manage all these, I answer “I've been used to it since college days”. 

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