Thursday, March 5, 2020

My Personal Mission Statement (PMS)

Does the above caption ring a bell? or have you ever come across the word PMS before? Let me save you the trouble. I started drafting my PMS when I was 22, but surprisingly, I finished it at age 24 (the year I completed my NYSC). Reason being that, I was yet to define what I wanted in life. These were my future life long goals and a snapshot of the kind of life I had ever wanted. Meanwhile, as each year approaches, I had my short term goals outlined for myself. The good news today is that my life is mirrored around my 15 years old PMS, even though it's still a work in progress and a better room for future improvement, I am eternally grateful to my creator for how far he has brought me. 

I could remember how I used to review my “PMS” every day, I never failed to share with my prospective wife or girlfriend, and I sometimes state clearly to anyone who doesn't align with my vision because it's a written document, to move on. Don’t laugh too. 

To you reading this, do you have a Personal Mission Statement? If your answer is no. You still have an opportunity to draft one. And if you do have one, please keep the dream and mission alive. Though it tarries, surely it will come to fruition. Mine, made me learn how to stand for something, and it has never stopped being my sense of direction in all of my life pursuits. As you read through mine today, picture how yours should look like, and if you haven't drafted yours yet, I suggest you do. Drop your opinions on the comment box.

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  1. Wowww...I never thought of a PMS. I'm definitely going to embark on mine. Thanks Wilfred !