Friday, March 27, 2020

Seek to Add Value

a person in a suitSeeking to add value, should be in the mindset of every youth. Little wonder, a president of a country addressed the youths of his country as “lazy youths”. Growing up, I have always had the mindset of adding value to every individual who comes my way, no matter how small the value might be. By adding significant value to any company or organisation I find myself, I ensure I work effectively.

Folks keep wondering how well they could add value when they don’t even have monetary resources to do that. Sorry to shock you, everyone has some value to add with or without the availability of resources. Like I shared before, I didn't mind carrying out domestic chores for anyone who could offer me a plate of meals or a token to return to college, I didn’t mind doing laundry services for N200 from 8 am-12 pm. Yes, it sounds small but these jobs were like a goldmine to me as at that time in my life. Many feel too big and proud to soil their palms for little earnings but rather, prefer to beg for free money.
It is by this virtue of “seeking to add value” that the drive to acquire skill sets, and learn a trade and advancing your career comes. Employers and helpers will easily notice and see these traits in you and willingly offer one of the needed opportunities.

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