Thursday, March 5, 2020

Success is in you, Not in a Place

I got a lot of feedback and reactions on one of my posts “Ant in your country: elephant in the diaspora”.  Hence, I decided to share this to support my opinion. Yes, success is in you and not in a place or environment. By that, I unequivocally state that success is in your mindset and in your thought process. Regardless of your location or environment, the grit to succeed will manifest with any available resources no matter how limited they are.

In this case, I will use myself as a case study. I grew up in a village, odobo, okobo in Akwa Ibom State with my civil servant parents who barely got paid their salaries on time. With a family of six, my parent's salary arrears could stay for as long as 3 to 5 months. Visualize that.! Despite this, one thing I keep thanking God for was the good home training I got from my mother. They were building blocks of life for me. Hope you can relate. The grit to succeed never allowed me to succumb to the pressure of life whilst in my village. I was only 16 when I had to make a drastic stride to step outside of my comfort zone to seek success faraway from home although within the same country. Over a period of time, I mastered the principles, tenets and standards of working to attain success as I advanced in age. I met and faced many disappointments, failures and discouragement, yet I strived and I succeeded as planned by my creator and not by luck as many commented. Never believe in “luck”, but rather focus on the favour of your creator through hard-work. Remember, hard work is not a gamble. By this, I can say I had already built an “elephant” mindset.

My goals and visions were watered with constant preparedness through consistent hard-work and harnessing every opportunity. I am confident that these principles are universal everywhere you find yourself. Nothing good comes easy, hence endurances and persistence were virtues I adopted in order to succeed. The elephant in me was growing bigger.

Notwithstanding, many around me succeeded by beating shortcuts, but their success was short-lived. These are examples of an “ant-like” mindset. I stayed away from envying them because I understood the principle of legitimate work, hence I kept focusing on my guiding principles. Many believed in living off others without seeking to add value to themselves no matter how small. No doubt an example of an ant-mindset.

Eventually, life took me around the world and settled me in the United States. Despite the hassle and struggles, I decided to adopt the elephant mindset I learnt from my days of little beginning and I got the same result, in fact, even bigger. I know one of my street dude who attained success through yahoo-runs (internet scam) who looked down on me because I was following the legit process, and relocated to the US. I beg to withhold his identity because his intolerable identity cannot produce elephant results.

Back then, many of my countrymen and women believed that if there was electricity in Nigeria, so much could have been accomplished. Those same folks relocated to the US but still are not able to harness the constant electricity resources. Their ant-like mindset played a factor. I have shared how I impact others by just sitting at home on my laptop and the internet. At some point, my earnings from my blog will pay my rent and light bill. Can you beat that? It’s all in the formation of your mindset.  Please start from where you are and you will be glad how far those experiences will help you down the lane. Blessings!

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