Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Power of Internet

The Internet luckily is one of the best gifts God gave to this generation. Who disagrees with me? If you are one of those who disagrees with this fact, I am sorry you are left in your slumber. But, hey! Lucky for you, it's time to wake up to reality.

With the use of the internet, I was on top of my game from 2005 after my NYSC up until now. I have lost counts of all the intellectual and educative goodies I have acquired just by making use of the internet. What about you? Like most of you, who are using agents to process your foreign admission, paying exorbitant fees. I processed my admission and all there is, to school in the United States all by myself through the internet. Dazed? I know. As bewildering as it may sound, all of my skill-sets certifications were self-taught just by watching relevant videos and lessons on the internet. I can’t even recount how much I made off the internet to pay for my tuition fee in grad-school. But, guess what? It was relatively cheaper and convenient. Above all, I met the most elegant and intellectual wife of my youth on Facebook, all but for the power of the internet. 

The question now is, how are you maximizing the resources of the internet? Many have this gold mine (INTERNET) in their palms daily but yet cannot look beyond their fantasies, many are even taking advantage of it, to defraud people, hence destroying their future and lineage. Remember! What you chose to do with the power of the internet is in your hand to envisage, but, I urge you to maximize all of the abundant opportunities embedded in the world of the internet today. Make it count!

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