Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The True Story Behind - BTN247

Bitter Truth Network (BTN247) is my personal blog aimed at sharing in detail all my true-life stories that you have been reading on LinkedIn. This idea was conceived and birthed in September 2013, same time when I started my first minimum wage job in America. I had a very tight schedule at the time, working a 10-hour third shift for $11 per hour from Thursday through Sunday. I definitely needed extra residual income in order to catch up with my excess bills.

Do you remember one of my posts where I mentioned how to maximize time and resources?. This was another opportunity where I spent most of my time on my laptop exploring opportunities and it was during this period that I fully explored some of the skill sets I am utilizing today, even in my present professional career. I learnt about Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Data analytic, SEO and Digital Marketing etc.

Soon the project kicked off, I got a little bit distracted because of the extra income I discovered I could make, if I dive into more circular and trendy news around the globe. 

Shortly after, www.wilfredasuquo.com was born and it was astonishing. I ran the blog for 7 years side by side with graduate school and working crazy/long hours. I maximized all the potentials that I could get during this time and I made some reasonable income both from google AdSense and sponsored ads from clients that supported my fees. It was a great experience as during this period, I had the opportunity of meeting new friends, followers around the world.

Fortunately, it is time to kick start the real dream, hence the heedless blog that does not carry the vision embedded in the previous blog (BTN247.com), is gradually dying a natural death with over 4million readers and followers. Heartbreaking right? It took me time to optimize, redesign and create the content for btn247.com in order to ensure you all are entertained while visiting the blog. 

Nevertheless, I will miss my previous work, most especially the monetary gains. However, it’s time to live the dream. btn247.com is here to stay. It will carry more details of the stories you read on LinkedIn, so most of your frequently asked questions will be answered and doubts resolved. You have the freedom to send me your feedback, be a contributor by sharing your story that will motivate and add value to our great readers. I look forward to making it fun-filled and exciting. Ultimately, there will be prizes to be won, games to be played and several networkings to be made.

On btn247, there are many opportunities to tap into. My team will welcome and compensate for true life and inspiring stories that are approved by my team and published on the blog.  Many of you who have been reaching out to me requesting that I mention your products or services on my page, the opportunity is here. Please reach out to my team on btn247@gmail.com. They will discuss with you all that are required to have your request met. Let's work together.

Once again, let's make this a success, I count on your unrelenting support and I look forward to keeping this dream alive. Please share, invite your friends, comment and let’s have fun. Always remember, there are prices and gifts to be won for being a frequent reader.

Finally, for this post, I have two gift cards $25 each for any lucky reader. All you need to do to qualify is for your comment to be either the 25th or 50th under this post here on google blog or on LinkedIn.

Thank you!

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  1. Always ready to be inspired by your stories..Cheers to many more years of interesting stories!!