Monday, March 23, 2020

We All Need a Confidant(s)

Do you have a confidant or do you even know what a confidant is? I learnt about this quite early in life and one thing I learnt about confidant(s) is that enormous trust is demanded or expected to keep one. Yes, confidant(s) play a significant role in our daily or future pursuits. Remember, “a confidant is a close friend or an associate to whom secrets are disclosed or private matters and problems are discussed”.(

I have always had confidant(s), older ones to be precise. I open up my plans including my secrets to them in-toto and with that, they will be able to advise and counsel me with a deeper insight which I may not have foreseen. Hence, mistakes, mishaps, or disappointments will always be avoided. Interestingly, my mother used to be my first confidant, but as  I grew older, I started having several confidants(s) with whom I can run my plans, vision and mission on different subjects before proceeding with caution. I know this action may sound weird to many because many believe that keeping secrets and privacy is the best act of life. Yes, days are evil and I understand that, but where your wisdom stops, could where that of others start.Two good heads they say are better than one.

It may also interest you to know that most of my long time older friends are my confidants. Most times, I will run my thoughts by one or  two of them before I make a final call. In return, I am also a confidant to many as life is give and take. I urge you to find a confidant and ensure you equally make yourself a great confidant in return.

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