Sunday, March 8, 2020

When Opportunity Meets Preparedness

Most of my country's men and women love the last-minute rush in everything. Yes, I'll say it as it is. Or am I lying? Even the saying “when I get to the bridge I will cross it" has become an excuse to elude “preparedness”. It's time to make a change!

If you all could remember in the last post I shared of how I preparedly had my plans down before I got my first job with Arik air, how I used my salary to secure admission in flight school before seeking sponsorship, and how I started self-taught/skill-set certifications after graduate school while seeking for a corporate job. In all, my preparedness met those given opportunities when they appeared, and being proactive was and it's still, one of my most valuable principles of working in corporate America. How prepared are you for that unexpected opportunity? 

It’s time to remind you all of the mottos of boy’s scout organization “be prepared”. Get busy and be prepared at all times. Most Importantly, to all job seekers, seek professional touch to your resume, optimize your Linkedin account. I did, and it's working perfectly well for me. How prepared are you to determine the outcome of the opportunity coming your way? Remember, securing a job opportunity is one thing and keeping it is another. Stay proactive friends!

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