Saturday, April 25, 2020

Arise Champions

Do these words Love, Strength, Unity, Defend, Uphold, Honour, Faith and Serve sound like words that remind you of our Great National Anthem?

I pledge to Nigeria My country
To be faithful, Loyal and Honest
To serve Nigeria with all my Strength 
To defend her unity and uphold her honour and Glory

So help me God, Amen

Could it be because of the "so help me God" clause that she fails to realize she also has her own part to play and not leaving all to God?

But now everyone is on a standstill trying to revive her, it seems like the order of the day Religion and ethnicity do not matter anymore.  Everyone is united to flatten the curve for her survival.

As a young child, every morning at school, we all recited the anthem very loud to the extend that the excitement of watching others not saying the right word made it fun.  But as I grew older, I understood it was just to fulfil all righteousness as the wordings in the anthem are never practiced 

I hope now we understand the force of Unity and how much is needed for her survival just like our founding fathers united.I believe she can rise again in all of her pride and honour, but we all have to play our part. It begins with me and you. Cheers to a Great Nation Nigeria

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