Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hunger! Africa's Worst Pandemic Caused by Hypocritic Leadership

This award winning photo reveals nothing but the current reality in today's unfolding pandemic in every part of Africa. Nigeria,the most populous black nation is not left out in this reality. I fear for the worst in the current lock down every where in motherland. My heart bleeds.

I am striving so hard not to use my platform or voice to start criticizing African governments for their excesses and abuse of power. I did try that before in my previous blog platform, but clearly I realized that my calling is rather what I am doing now. However, I must express my opinion with respect to my generation and the future leadership of African as a whole.

I wonder why eye service and hypocrisy have eaten so deep into the African continent. Emotional sensitivity is far from almost all Africans. Envy, secrecy, pretence, and corruption are at the center-stage of the African continent. How did we get here or  who did this to us have been the frequently asked questions on every lips . Little wonder why the current pandemic has revealed the nakedness of Africa to the world, especially their hypocritical nature. 

What marvels me is the rate at which my country’s supposed billionaires rose up to  donate towards salvaging the current ugly situation of the pandemic. As much I appreciate their kind gesture I feel it is sheer hypocrisy. The reason I am saying this is because there are more serious “VIRUSES" like hunger, inadequate healthcare and unemployment which we need to seriously combat!.

Taking Lagos state in Nigeria as a case study which  used 10 days to build a sophisticated COVID-19 quarantine center. How come the healthcare system in Lagos state wasn't  developed to this current standard in the last 50 years of Nigeria independence? While the world is waging war against Covid-19, these other serious "VIRUSES" will be the main cause of death of Africans, the "hunger" virus being the worst of the three I mentioned. If  the African leadership in respective African countries do justice in combating these viruses every single day, then I will not term their current philanthropic gesture hypocritical.

World statistics shows that Hunger is the world's number one health risk. It kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

- 821 million people do not have enough to eat.

- 60% of the world's hungry are women.

- 98% of the world's under-nourished live in developing countries.

- 5 millions of children under 5 die from under-nutrition each year.
- There are more hungry people in the world than the combined populations of the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

(Sources: 1. World Vision, 2. World Hunger Day)

Having said that, isn’t it time a plan be put  in place to make a significant or landmark paradigm shift that will change the narrative of the present status quo at the end of this pandemic in African nations?  

In addition, as future a future and potential leader, I look forward to making a difference in this capacity. I also enjoin fellow young professionals to imbibe such mindset of leading void of hypocrisy. I like to add that hypocrisy has not  helped any individual let alone a nation. It is high time we strives to live a life of honesty, openness and  sensitivity towards fellow citizens, especially those who voted us to serve.


  1. This is a very serious and critical issue. We the young generation should rise and make changes by taking action in self development because our nation doesn't have any plan put in place for the coming ones. Thank you sir

  2. Thank you sir, you have called our attention to differentiate between philanthropic gesture and hypocrisy amdist the African leaders,the effect hunger and malnourishment which is far more disastrous to human race compare to the pandemic virus...Thanks once again sir