Sunday, April 26, 2020

I Lied!

As a young professional thriving and building a career path was one of my major goals but, what happens when it conflicts with your values? Values are principles or standards that we hold high and reflects our character. One of my core values is honesty and in the course of my career, I was confronted with a situation where I had to compromise.

A few years ago, I lied at an interview. Yes, I was so desperate just like any typical Nigerian unemployed youth. I needed the job so badly and it was in the most sought after industry in Nigeria. I passed the first and second stage of the interview, at the third I was nervous and scared so I lied to cover up the gap on my Resume.

I stepped out of the room feeling uneasy, so many things going on in my mind and I kept asking myself if I get the job and they find out the truth how would I live with my self and what would happen to me. A few days later I got a mail with a proposed offer, I was excited but then I remembered I lied and had to turn down the offer.

This taught me a lesson never to lie during an interview rather say the truth confidently and focus on my strength and skills. I had to pay the price of letting go of the job and having peace.

My experience validates the report that shows there is a relationship between your values and job satisfaction.

So are your values practicable?
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