Monday, April 13, 2020

Learn to take Responsibility for all your Actions

“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”. This is one of my favorite quotes from the Holy book. You may be wondering why it is one of my favorites. Yes, it is because it reminds me that actions originate from the intentions of the heart. With that being said, perhaps you may be wondering if I am a clergyman. No I am not.

It is because most of my actions are premeditated, as a result of that I can pre-empt the outcome. Hence, the reason I take responsibilities for every of my actions. 

Most of the results we see today are the result of our previous actions; good or bad. The earlier we  learn to take full responsibility, the better we will get at improving.

While growing up, I deliberately avoided making excuses for doing the needful and I also learnt that for whatsoever reason I miss to accomplish an important aspect at a required time, be it at any stage of my life, I may end up spending more years and efforts accomplishing it later on. For example, If I  missed attending college at a required age, I may have to spend more years and efforts before meeting that goal later on. Hence, I made a conscious decision and made an effort not to make excuses so I can avoid regrets in the future.

I have never seen anyone who makes excuses towards attaining required goals succeed, instead constant regrets and whining is usually their outcome. This is not an experience I will wish for anyone or my friends. Therefore, I encourage everyone to do the needful as necessary, desist from excuses and accept responsibilities to enhance advancement.

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