Sunday, April 12, 2020

Mistakes are Allowed, Repeated Mistakes can Destroy

“Mistake is an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong”- ( Some mistakes are made as a result of misguided information and some are made out of ignorance. But bare in mind that “ignorance they say is not an excuse to break the law”. Therefore, ensure every mistake is still within the confines of the law, so you can have a chance to make up and not be destroyed.

Some mistakes made while travelling through the journey of life are allowed as they are meant to mould, strengthen your inner being and provide experiences for better days ahead. However, when the mistakes are been repeated and in constant occurrence, then destruction is imminent.

As an individual, I never get scared of making mistakes, as being afraid of making mistakes is being afraid of failure. Ultimately, which implies I am not ready to explore new opportunities and expand my abilities to succeed. Mistakes for me are synergies for attaining greater heights and seeking a second chance of making a difference.

Have you made mistakes before? And if yes, how often? Do you dwell on your mistakes? It’s time to retrace your path, recap on what led to the mistakes and refocus your vision and aim at the goal. It may not sound easy but I am sure it will make a whole difference. You can do it. Have a great Easter season celebration regardless of the environmental vibes.

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