Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Moderation is Required in All we Do

“Too much of everything is bad”. It is by moderation that one can strike a balance in aall aspects. With moderation, I am able to sit back, recap, plan, evaluate and relaunch any given project with wisdom and cautiously.

However, it is normal to overindulge in activities that interest us and that can also destroy us. I should have been a victim of such overindulgence in some habits. Thanks to my mother who helped my life by instilling the discipline of moderation at a very tender age. I have applied moderation in all my doings throughout my lifetime, besides It’s a virtue I will recommend and urge any youth or young adult to adopt. With moderation, discipline is  eminent in my daily routine. With moderation, I feel guaranteed that my priorities are always going to be on point. How moderate are you in your dealings? Evaluate your level of moderation in all your enjoyable activities. Check out these few activities that we cannot do without, but it's imperative that we apply this virtue moderation:
  • Eating (requires moderation.)
  • Talking (demands moderation)
  • Shopping requires moderation.
  • Use of credit cards 
  • Having fun with the opposite sex 
  • Watching TV, playing video games
  • Partying with friends especially during academic sessions.
  • Use of our personal phone and social media 
  • Sleeping
  • And other things you consider you are doing in excess at the expense of your personal growth and advancement. It is better to apply moderation or get caught up with regrets that will leave a lasting negative impact.
I want to believe that you can relate with this subject and it is not new or strange in your sphere of your daily living. Therefore I enjoin you to apply moderation in all things. 

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