Monday, April 27, 2020

My Country People

In Nigeria where I live, if you  have or are studying any course outside of  popularly known professional courses such as Medicine, Law, Economics or Accounting, you probably might be studying an irrelevant course or better still wasting your time

When I am often asked: "What course did you study?" I proudly and truthfully respond  "Demography and Social Statistics."  Some would conclude that all we do is CENSUS and wonder why I would study only "head count" for 4-years. Others who haven't heard much about it, ask, "What is it all about?" Most times, I would passionately, but exhaustively explain its relevance to our world and  I usually conclude with a  statement made by one of my namesakes, Joseph McFalls(2007) that says "Anyone not interested in demography is not interested in themselves."

Little or no knowledge about the relevance of this discipline in this part of the world has affected the attitude of the average citizen towards decision making.The government is not left out. It is as a result of this same reason that  more than required HIV drugs were supplied in 2017 leading to the expiration of these drugs worth about $3.2 million, approximately N1.08 billion naira. The agency "ASSUMED" the quantity supplied would be sufficient to fight HIV. It is equally based on this reason that my mum ventured into another line of business together with the one she was doing, without any critical  research. Everyone just acts by impulse and ASSUMPTIONS, doing trial and error which is very risky. I’m sure you must have been a victim, I have been one as well.

Quite a good number of people have said that I'm inquisitive and it's definitely  because I always want to know why I should do anything or make certain decisions. If I had my way, I would ask why we have 26 letters in the alphabet. I was glad when I found out my course of study will avail me the opportunity to make decisions based on facts and figures, and also allow me to make use of that same knowledge to help entities like government or private organizations, firms and Individuals, etc. make valid decisions and projections

One of the things that will determine how you will succeed during the post Covid-19 phase are the decisions you make now.

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