Sunday, April 19, 2020

My Experience Working from Home - Part 2

This is my third week working from home and to be honest, I am not a fan. Few weeks ago, I shared my to read. Perhaps because I am used to the office environment and its readily available resources. I find myself having more workload while working from home than when in the office environment. 
My integrity and honesty are at stake due to many distractions around me and coupled with the fact that no one is watching me. Last week, I really missed my office space and the environment because of the help my office system renders to me. Now I can’t do my usual magic because I'm all alone in my basement, always obliged to raise a ticket when need be.
Nowadays, my office mobile phone is constantly by me as it rings often, my emails are popping every now and then, responses are imminent, virtual meetings and conferences are essentials. Also, being available every point in time is highly demanded of me, as there is no face-to-face contact and communication, to detect if I'm on-seat or not.

However, no matter how I am feeling right now, I cannot do anything but deal with the present status quo. One thing I am doing relentlessly each day is to murmur Jabez’s kind of sincere prayers to my creator about the monster COVID-19 which has brought this draining and forceful change upon us all. The monster virus has impacted on our lives, in ways we do not like and cannot reverse. While dealing with my job responsibilities, I am equally praying fervently for God’s divine intervention in the lives of all His people during this season and I trust my God will answer me speedily  just like he answered Jabez. 

As Nigerians, we were taught while growing up to believe in miracles, at this point, I think I need that miracle to turn around this present status-quo. We look forward to having our regular lives back and we anticipate that day soonest in our imaginations. Let’s join hands and minds to crave for this miracle. I love you all.

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