Tuesday, April 7, 2020

My Experience Working from Home

“Experience they say is the best teacher” as I can say it’s been a great experience so far. Looking back, I can appreciate the power of education. Although I am not a fan of working from home, it's been fun thus far. However, a great deal of discipline is required.

A high level of discipline is required while working remotely (home). For instance, keeping up with your daily routine, picking up calls, meetings and tasks etc. Bear in mind that there are so many distractions around including children, food, snacks, phone calls, TV and music to mention a few.

To deal with the distractions, I set up my work station in the basement and I ensure I do not go upstairs or allow my family down the basement during my office hours. I keep TV, food or snacks far away. Yes, food and constant snacking while working, because it increases the chances of weight gain.

However, this season of staying at home is a time employers will discover how productive employees are while working remotely. Hence, it’s time to be disciplined, make yourself relevant and productive, if you are working from home. And if you are yet to gain this remote experience, it’s not a bad idea giving it a try. Tomorrow is another day. Definitely, I cannot wait for our lives to return to normal

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