Monday, April 27, 2020

Seize this Moment!

Most people when encountered with the concept, "Seize your moment" have a lot of ideas to attach with the concept. Some think when the word is being used, it means they should take that bold step to either propose or talk to that lady or guy they've been crushing on or dating. Others think, it's seizing every opportunity they get to build their career and self-esteem. 

Well, the MOMENT we are most interested in SEIZING at this point in time, in this global pandemic lockdown, is the very MOMENT that has to do with seizing every opportunities that will help build one's career, home skills, professional pursuits, self-esteem, strong networking, relationship, etc. 
It's quite alarming to hear some folks say they are so bored with this lock-down because they've got nothing to do rather than sleep, wake-up, eat, watch movies, play games and think of the next sleeping or sitting position to try out. As interesting and hysterical as it may sound, it's not mind healthy at all. Improvise! 

There are so many skills and courses to undertake during this lock-down or quarantine period; most especially for those who are not stocked with tight daily work schedules. There are live webinars/lectures to attend for those who are career and professional optimist, motivational books or messages to read or listen to, musical instruments to learn for leisure sake, delicacies to learn how to prepare; most especially those delicious delicacies your order from restaurants and have always wondered how it's was being prepared. And a lot more to learn, the list is endless. 

Remember, there is always an advantage in unpleasant situations like this. And remember, you have always been longing for just that little spare time to learn that skill(s), read that book(s), take up that course, mend that relationship with your spouse or parents, spend much time with your spouse, etc. Now you've got all the time in the world. Either way, we accept it or not, fate has brought TIME for us to do all of the things we wrote down in our personal mission statement, wish list and to-do list. This opportunity only comes once in a Blue Moon. SEIZE THIS MOMENT!

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