Monday, April 27, 2020

Singles: It mustn't be a Sex Quarantine Partner

Okay! Before I get criticized because of this article title by some people. Smiles! Let me elaborate more on why I choose to discuss, literally this current daily used term "Quarantine sex partner" or should I call it "lock-down sex partner." Winks!

Last week, there was this trending news story that a Nigerian man was caught by some police officials smuggling his girlfriend in the boot of his car to his house. Funny right? When asked why such an extremity of the action, he complained of how bored he has been without the warmth of a woman, and the challenges of him not being able to go carry his girlfriend without being stopped by task force officials, so he had to ignorantly improvise. Hilarious! 
Recently, I spoke to some of my single penfriends and they made some bewildering statements of how they would prefer they spend this current Corona-virus pandemic lock down. One told me he would prefer spending this lock-down with a lady because her presence will help reduce his lethargy or ennui. When asked why, he made use of the adage "Unlike poles attracts whilst like poles retracts." And some other funny statement like, how I wish I was married this Corona-virus doldrums would have seem less problematic. 

I could recall in my last article I said something about "Seizing this Moment" to build oneself, and having a quarantined sex partner is not the solution or way out of this. Remember, an idle mind is the devil's workshop. My dear single friends, Let's keep our minds busy with resourceful things to help build our personality, Career, Relationship, and professional pursuits. Stay safe!

Photo Credit: Brown Girl Magazine, & Freepik

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