Monday, April 6, 2020

The connection is Everything!

Connection, as symbolical as it may sound has a lot embedded in its concept. I know for a fact that, when some people hear the word "Connection", they'll only tag it to the aspect that most soothes their sense of reasoning. Obviously, It's far more than that because the connection I am talking about is the one that speaks to, and touches every aspect of our lives; be it family, relationship, academics, professional and otherwise. I will be concentrating on the first 4 categories of Connection in this article. 

Let's start with the Family Connection. A lot of people do say "Family is everything" no doubt about that. But the truth is, no matter how hard you try, you cannot just be close to everybody in your family. In my family, there are two categories of people: the negative and positive vibe family members but I personally connect more with the positive vibe family members because they most times push me to be a better me even when am in worse.
Uhm! Relationship connection. There's more to this type of connection than you can ever imagine. If you get it right, then you'd have the best life you can ever leave or dream of. Remember, the relationships you keep, be it platonic, romantic or otherwise, can either make you a better you or mar the better you. Some would say if we bond then that's it. Sorry, that card of friendship connection cannot be played that way. Have you ever checked and balanced if the people you are or were in a relationship with are or were meant to be in your path? Or are they just passer-by? Have you also ever wondered why the relationships you keep don't last? What if you are the sole reason why your relationships don't last due to your negligence to weigh the individual you want to be in a relationship with before you embark on that relationship? If you don't have an answer to the above questions, then you would have to know that, there is a reason why some persons come across your path. That sole reason is what keeps drawing you to that particular individual, even when you least expected it, and also even when you are at your worst moment they just cannot help it but to stand by you and stay with you in that relationship. In other words, there are others that when you break away from them, there's nothing that would bring you back together with them, because they were not meant to be in your path for life, for certain reasons. My candid advice here is, always connect with the people you cannot do without, and always try to stay in that relationship that consistently strives to bring out the best in you. Remember, a friend sticks closer than a brother.
Furthermore, Academic Connection as easy as it may sound, have had many make huge mistakes most especially in selecting a course of study, be it academically or professionally. Sometimes, these mistakes can either be caused or prompted by parents, peer pressure, circumstances, etc. But, the truth still stands; studying a supposed course (academic or a professional kind of course), without having a mental, physical and psychological flair or connection with that course, is a mere waste of time, energy and resources. Listen, why not start today, by aiming for that academic or professional course you have a strong conviction about. And always remember, you can't give out what you don't have, neither can you acquire what you don't aspire for. Learn to connect with positive-minded people that will bring out the best in you day in and day out.

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