Thursday, April 9, 2020

The thin line between Success and failure is how we Harness “information”

My quest for information is what has enriched my well of knowledge. Regardless of my "village boy" status, the amount of information I gulped into my brain from reading books, surfing the internet and keeping positive & impact circle of friends is what makes the difference.

How well do you seek information? How far do you go just to grab some information? Based on this, I want to challenge all of you reading this post, especially my men-tees:

  1. Do you know you can secure jobs in any foreign country regardless of the location?
  2. Do you also know that one of the secrets of healthy living is daily exercises and most importantly watching your daily diet?
  3. Do you also know that the quality of your resume determines if a recruiter ( outside Nigeria) will even get to peruse through your resume?
  4. Do you know that securing a full scholarship for graduate studies aldo comes with a monthly check to your pocket if you become a  graduate assistant? 
  5. Do you also know that you don’t need to know or have anyone before you can attain your goals?
  6. Finally, do you also know that others’ opinion  doesn’t affect your future pursuit so far your moves are all legit.
The list is endless. Create your niche, define your goals and pursuits, then seek information to enhance your growth. Always remember, seeking right information is imperative and application of the acquired information is key to knowledge acquisition.


  1. Thank you for sharing this, really learning a lot from your posts. Gid bless you sir

  2. Chairman,
    I love your home-office!