Thursday, April 23, 2020

There’s No Shortcut to Success

Success is a process, hence it demands patience, time and resources to climb the ladder to the golden trophy. Many do not want to pay the price of success, many are not ready to take the journey of going through the learning & growing phase to attain success. Unfortunately, I have bad news for such folks, “There’s no shortcut to success”.

I grew up in a country where one can sleep a poor broken buddy and wake up a Millionaire, and such individuals will head to religious houses and offer testimonies of their sudden success. For me that does not resonate well with me. Looking back, such wealth does not last and has never lasted. Many because of lack of frugality and poor financial judgement, they returned poorer after the mismanagement of such sudden millions in their possession.

There is no shortcut to success is my regular slogan. From the day I got my first job until date, I have always been opting my game, keeping the pace and sustaining the process. Attaining success is easy but sustenance is the major task. Little wonder, I have been spending my days to share, educate and mentor my generation on subjects like this. Being successful is a choice, so as also working to attain the expected or targeted success. The choice is yours. Remember, when you rush into success, you will rush out. “Until we all win, we are all a work in progress” Dr. Kelechukwu.

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