Monday, April 6, 2020

Together we Stand! Divided we Fall

Over the years as I traveled around the world, I watched communities and citizens of different countries live, grow and support each other. This is contrary to my country Nigeria. The truth is bitter, but it must be told. From time to time, my fellow Nigerians feel I talk too much, but my usual response always is  “I am sorry, it is because I am blessed to bless others, hence I must share the truth”. Hoarding useful information that would add value, uplift, and promote career growth is the usual norm in the diaspora among our fellow compatriots. Bear in mind, “no man is an island” and “a tree cannot form a forest”. We need each other to grow.

Has our hypocrisy, selfishness and negligence towards helping others enabled us to be a better nation, community or individual? No! Perhaps, our different ethnicity may have played a part in this. Nonetheless, as an individual, I choose to break the current status quo. I'm inspired and determined to share, inspire and be a blessing regardless of whether it is said that “together we stand, divided we fall”.

Like other communities around the world (names withheld), you can choose to network, support, uplift others by sharing useful information that will add value. It cost nothing. For instance, there is a particular country I have noticed that their citizens are so connected to each other, they are career focused and always ready to add value to their fellow citizens. They create different training vendors around the world to not only help their fellow citizens but also career focused folks like me. They have been a significant blessing to my career in my current location. If every other citizen of other countries could emulate such an exemplary network, the world would be a better place to live in. Never forget, Together we stand! Divided we fall.

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