Thursday, April 16, 2020

Your Mistake Should be your Remake

Your Mistake should be your Remake
The reason why we most times think we are not at fault, we are all perfect, flawless, etc. when we are at fault, full of flaws, and imperfect, is because we focus more on our strength and ignore our weaknesses. It will be psychologically draining if we focus more on our flaws and ignore our weaknesses, which should be treated equally for better personality progress.

Growing up I had this strong phobia for making a mistake, due to that I had to distance myself from mingling with people because I was so scared of defaulting. I preferred staying in my quiet and comfort zone because I always wanted to do the right instead of getting scolded for doing the wrong or making mistakes I would have avoided if I was on my own or in my quiet zone. Fortunately, with the help of a good friend of mine then, I got to know that if you don't go out to face your fears you won't be able to conquer them, and if you don't go out to make mistakes you won't acquire the ability to learn how to correct and avoid future mistakes. 
Oftentimes, we think that every bit of the mistakes we make in every aspect of our lives has a particular reason why we made them. Others even fall victim remaining in their mess just because they feel there's no way out of the mess they are in. Listen, every mistake you make in life should deter you into being a better you, it shouldn't be a yardstick for you to remain in that mess, and keep repeating that same mistake all over again. 
Listen, the day you make a mistake and remain or wallow in the quagmire of that mistake, without making a move to pick up the broken pieces and move on, thousands of souls you would have impacted and motivated by your failure and recovery motivational stories, will all fall and remain in a much deeper mess than you ever were. 

Your mistake(s) should break, make, redefine you to be a better you. If we start blaming ourselves owning up to our mistakes and blaming fate or others less, then our relationships and life pursuits will be free from mishaps or misgivings.

Written by Faith Ernest Wondoket


  1. I love this babe.As mistakes are part of life and those who make them then learn from it and also help or educate others so they won't make the same mistake are seen as legend to me..God allow us to make some mistake not because we are very careless but because a single story of can help a hundred life. So making mistake and learning from it is very essential in our everyday life's.Thanks