Monday, May 11, 2020

A Letter to New Hires and Young Entrepreneurs - Part 2

In the part 1on this article, I elicited some of the challenges most young graduates or entrepreneurs face when the secure a new job or start a new business. You can read here. In this part 2, I am going to explain what are expected of you when you secure a new job or start a new business.
Whenever I start a new job, my focus is always to strategize how to be relevant and add value. My second goal is how to upgrade my skill-sets with trending technologies.  
Currently, in my present job, in less than one year I have acquired 3 more certifications and two more arriving in 60 days. This will better keep me relevant in my career path and expose me to better opportunities if need arises.
Soon I started my previous job, I was not being paid because it was more of an internship, hence I told everyone who reached out to me for financial help to give me a break because I was passing through a phase, and if I settle with a paid job, I will reach out. It was not my problem for them to believe me. To keep my integrity, 4 months after I resumed work, I kept to my promises.
Please, do not aim at pleasing family and friends when you start a new job or business. Focus on strategizing on how to settle into the job and better advance your career. The reason being, if you lose the job, can you secure another job ASAP with trending skills? Will your extended dependents die, no. Perhaps you will be mocked for not being frugal.
For entrepreneurs, they are usually pressured to a point where capital is used to please friends and family members when the business is still in the start-up phase. No wonder a lot of injectors don’t exist in African countries. Set boundaries, establish your business goal and aim at a high ROI by reinvesting your initial ROI. Then you can start responding to requests for financial help. If you do not stand your ground, one will get bankrupt.
In summary, understand that help seekers do not care about your set-back when you start working or just starting a business until they see you go down, then they rest. If they care, they will give you breathing space during the first one year to stabilize at your job or business. Be wise and stay guided.

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