Sunday, May 10, 2020

A Little Courtesy Goes a Long Way

As professional and career minded that we are, courtesy shouldn't be far-fetched from the way we address and appreciate people for their kind or unkind gestures, no matter how weighty or little the gesture might be. Even though, there are a lot of personality traits to ignore paying attention to, being courteous shouldn't be one of it because it's highly relevant a trait that can ruin one's personality, reputation, professional pursuits. Your input determines your output, its vice-versa.
I most times noticed how (permit me to say) so-called employers address their employees or team members, and it baffles me to believe how such organisation, company or team can function properly without rift and rancor rovering around like a roaring lion. You need the commitment and faithfulness of those employees, team members, partners, friend, family members and that stranger you just met to achieve whatsoever you are gunning for so, be courteous. 
Listen, most career-minded people fail to understand that good recommendations from people that matters in their life's, goes a long way to achieving a lot in life. But, when all the recommendations one could give about you is all negative vibes recommendations, then you would know you have a whole lot of struggles to do in life. No wonder most people keep giving complaints of not being able to keep relationships, jobs, partners, etc. due to their lack of courtesy, which they most times can beat their chests and brag that it's not a big deal to them.

We all need people to survive and expand in life either we like it or not. So, stop showing and dishing out impoliteness and bad behavior to the people that matters to you, most especially to the one's that will skyrocket you to that height you want to get to in your professional career. Be courteous!     

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