Friday, May 8, 2020

A Message to New Hires and Young Entrepreneur - Part 1

Just before you got that job or start that business, those acclaimed problems you want to start solving with your first paycheck or within the first year of work were already existing. And no matter how much you want to start using your new earnings or ROI to begin solving them, all the problems will never be resolved because they are endless. 

Does it mean I am telling you to be stingy or display ungratefulness to your parents or guardian? No, not at all.
While in Lagos after I had left my parents at age 16, I discovered one common mistake my kinsmen were making. They worked rigorously all through from the beginning of the year to December, then travel home with their little savings to celebrate christmas. 

In January, they return to find out that their positions have already been occupied. Hence they have to start searching for new jobs again. I was determined never to be like that. Secondly, young growing career professionals or entrepreneurs are burdened with overwhelming extended family responsibilities which place them under duress. As a result, they make bad decisions and venture into misplaced priorities. Again, I discovered these loopholes and made a plan. It’s simple but complex to practice.

First, I learned to be honest and transparent with my immediate family members about my moves and plans at all times.Same applies with my available resources as it's what I can afford that I give out and not contrariwise. Most especially prioritizing problems and solving them based on immediate need. As the breadwinner of the entire family,I equally ensure that I stick to my plans which are always strategic to ensure I am providing equitable support to all for a longer time. As you all know that’s how Africans run things; when one person works or graduates from college, he or she ensures the rest are carried along. But you need wisdom.

Irrefutably, as soon I got my first job, the first thing I did was to strategize how to make myself relevant and important in my new position. The next focus was to advance my career though further studies to enable me earn more money and possibly in foreign currency. I had made known this intention to everyone around me. The truth is, none of my family members died of those pending problems, challenges or concerns they used to blow my phone off for. Know this truth, "it is only God whom through his mercies caters for all of us. Worry less about those extended problems than may pull your future career growth down.

I had my ongoing struggles and I was surviving, so my monthly salary will not solve all the problems of my extended family at a time. Similarly, while in the United States, I was also facing trying moments, but I ensured that I kept my beloved mother informed about my situation so that they could bear with me and manage whatever I could afford at the time. As soon as I could lay hands on resources that did not deter my career pursuit, I reached out to meet their prioritized needs. Today, I can boldly say that I can cater for my immediate and extended family without stress or worries. I do not have to give any more excuses. 

Strategic planning with wisdom is important.

Remember, I am a village boy with traditional old school upbringing. I learnt in a hard way growing, hence you can do better with the resources of the internet everywhere. Nobody will sympathize or empathize with you as a result of failing to understand this fact…..Look-out for part two friends.

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