Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A Reminder that “Change is Constant”

After reading several DMs of discouragements from my mentees and connections, I thought it is expedient I share this post. Many of the DMs were rift with self pity, excuses for their failures, setback and stagnation. Nonetheless, it’s always my delight to share with you the honest truth, to mentor, inspire and coach you all.

The photo above shows a seamless transformation over a period of time from 1997. That was barely a year after relocating to Lagos from my village Odobo. 
Yes, change is constant, but to result in transformation is determined by the choices and decisions we make as individuals.

I have always reiterated in my posts the fact that when making any decision or taking any action, ensure your mind is void of prejudice, selfishness, pride and negativity. This will enable every move and action taken to be well guided by the invisible force(our creator). Obviously, if things don’t go down well, those encouraging words from the holy book will kick in, “.....for everything shall work together for good for those who love God”. Hey, don’t label me a pastor. I just love the power behind the letters. Smiles!

I personally strive to give my best at every given time or opportunity. The first picture to the left above picture was taken in 1997 while I was serving as an errand boy, after fetching water from a far  distance with pride and joy. Again, whatever your hands findeth to do, do it well. Few months later, I transitioned to one of the most despised institutions, “Polytechnic” in Nigeria after several failed admissions to other prominent Universities due to financial constraints.

Nonetheless, I gave my very best. One lesson I want you all to note is that delay is not denial. That I didn’t attend University immediately doesn’t make me a failure. Some folks go all out forcing their way into places or institutions they were never meant to be in.  Please be wise and stay guided while exploring opportunities.

During my undergrad as a Chemist, I enjoyed myself and the college passed through me just like I passed through the college. From my graduation in 2003 till date, I have made several decisions, leading to dynamic changes and transformation. Countless changes, I must confess. Yesterday, I shared on my post how I switched from being a Pilot to Health IT professional...click to read  And I hope to make more decisions and transformation as I grow in my career.

Finally, do not dwell on self-pity, passing blame on others, but get to work now, restrategize, refocus, make changes where necessary and aim at your goals and targets. Remember success is a choice, hence determine to trail it until you make it.


  1. The Lord will always guide you and uphold you mentor...more wins fred

  2. You always make my "baby" leap for joy... Thanks, Fred for constantly inspiring me!I honestly bless the day I connected with you on LinkedIn. I hope 2 share my success story like yours soon... And again I say THANK YOU sir!!!

  3. Thanks a great deal for such encouragement, it came timely....

  4. Remain blessed Fred. The transformation has been wonderful. Change is indeed constant!

  5. This is the message in time of need.

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    This is wonderful and inspiring

  7. Thanks I am really inspired

  8. Thank you Sir for this well structure piece just motivate me in my journey.