Friday, May 8, 2020

A Word for NYSC Graduates & Interns

After talking to several mentees of mine, I feel it is important I share this piece. Perhaps I never mentioned this to you all, I am a huge fan when it comes to impacting and growing young professionals like me by mentoring, coaching and being their confidant. It gives me joy to do this, sometimes I commit my resources, financial inclusive to assist in their growth. 

Hence, I am presently building a community of professionals and prospective professionals that will leave a long lasting impact in their world whenever you come across them. Presently, they are well over 200 (still counting), and they are phenomenal. What amazes me is that most of them are first class products, such a bundle of brains around me! And I look forward to sharing more of their success stories in time to come. Guess what? They’re all from different countries in the world. I so much love the Internet, for connecting me with such great minds. This is little way to leave impact in the sand of time.

Okay! Back to the prospective and current interns around the world & the current NYSC graduates in my country, Nigeria. During the season I served the compulsory one-year NYSC program under the Federal government, it was one season I made significant strides. The interesting part of it is that the Federal Government remunerates corps members about $100/Month pays. Sometimes, one is paid stipends by the organization you are posted to serve. One significant thing I did during my service year was saving the allowance I received monthly. This was because I served in a remote part of the State, hence, I barely could not explore (fun-wise). But it was a great time of strategizing and getting ready to return to Lagos to execute my plans. 

On the contrary, many interns on the other hands are not paid, hence they feel handicapped but nevertheless, a lot can also be accomplished. Here are my thoughts after listening to some of my mentees who just completed their NYSC. I felt heartbroken when they claimed they couldn't afford GRE or GMAT fees, a laptop or let alone pay for one skill-set. Things to note.
Making your period of internship or NYSC year a very important year should be a priority, ensuring you plan your days and life ahead after that period.
If you are being paid during internship or NYSC, “DO NOT SQUANDERS YOUR EARNINGS”. Save, plan, invest in value-added-resources like buying a personal laptop, register for a skill-set, plan ahead for graduate schools, etc.
Build a working relationship with a stronger network or connection for future opportunities.
Be at your best where you are serving or undergoing internship.
It is not a time to relax your guards when it comes to reading, studying and improving your soft skills.
By this, you are gaining independence skills and solving personal struggles that your guardian will be proud of.
Ensure you determine to complete each internship or NYSC opportunity as a better and more equipped scholar before you start. And you can be sure, you will be 10 steps ahead of your peers. Goodluck!