Sunday, May 17, 2020

Do your posts, writings & words mirror you?

Lately, I  have been ruminating a lot on the above question as many of my friends, acquaintances and family have been labeling me “old-school or perfectionist”. No, I am not a perfectionist, I just love to be me, I like to honor my words and do things the right way no matter what. Unfortunately, I am not one of those who believe in “do as I say but not as I do” 
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My wordings and writings have a consistent message which is "me" personified in words and actions.
If you have never met me physically, know it that my penned words are me. What you see here, is who I am in real life. I do not pretend, exaggerate or exhibit hypocritical tendencies.

My posts are predicated on simple principles:
  • I believe what I write about. 
  • My words are my bond.
  • My posts reflect my views and beliefs. 
  •  It should inspire at least one person to do things differently or become better.
  • It should never contradict universal principles. 
  •  It should never tear down anyone. 
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If I am not able to live or exhibit these in real life, then I am not worthy of sharing my thoughts.

I want my offsprings to know that their father upheld the principles he always told them about, both on-camera/off-camera, and In person. And also be proud of me as they grow up.

Ask yourself this question, If I have the opportunity to review my past actions and posts, will I be proud of what I have shared with the world?

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  1. I like the view that says "my words are my bond" and me"personified my words and actions.... Well said, nice one, keep the light on ,always inspired