Thursday, May 14, 2020


You owe no explanation to anybody when you succeed, but you owe a lot of explanations to people when you fail. It's your choice!

The word 'Failure' is no news to any one of us, because one way or the other we have once passed through failure or have failed in life, either we like to talk about it or not. But, have we ever wondered if our previous or present failure was a mistake or a choice made by us or otherwise? Have we ever wondered if the past or present choice we made will help readjust or reconstruct a more failure free path for us?
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Whilst growing up, I wondered why we most times fail in one way or the other in our life pursuits, even when we put our whole best in making sure we attain success or get it right. But as time went on, as opportunities started unfolded I got to understand that FAILURE is nobody's mistake, is a CHOICE, you know why? Hold on, I'll tell you why. Failure becomes a choice, when you fail and you choose to wallow in that entrapment or quagmire of failure rather than pick up yourself, move on and try a much better technique to get it right. Never you relent because you failed that professional course you are undergoing, failed in that job, failed in that relationship(s), failed in your career pursuits, failed in choosing profitable friends, failed in choosing an impact mentor etc. Relenting due to failure is an option. Rejuvenate!

Do you know why you keep failing? It's because of those excuses you keep making, instead of avoiding and correcting your past failures. The failure and excuses I am talking about here is not just professional and career based, it's the kind of failure that touches every spheres of our lives. Why not stop those excuses and make the right choice of success.

Restrategizing when faced with failure does not make you feel weak or less of yourself, it's only a method you device when the previous one you made failed you. Never be shy or weak to try again, because there has never been any harm in trying, it's just a matter of choice. Make it!

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