Sunday, May 24, 2020

“If You can Dream it, you can do it.”

Yes, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” This quote  is deep, true and real and it's  all you need to attain  your destiny. This post is inspired by the recent post of one of my connections, Dr.Evi Abada’, and my nerd friend Chioma Okeke.

#Dr. Evi Abada stated...
One of the challenges I experienced in my #career was getting back into medicine, after taking a break to take care of my family.
When I wanted to get back, I heard so many negative and discouraging comments.”

Linkedln fam, it's essential to understand that your dreams will be countered with so many negative and discouraging comments from sycophants. It is your duty to filter such individuals and leave them behind, staying focused and aiming  high should be your grit.

Ultimately, always remember my connection's #Chioma Okeke advice from one of her recent post….

“The quickest way to kill a dream is to introduce it to a small mind and remember that not everyone's hands are strong enough to hold your dreams.”

Be that said, the two photos below display the two big healthcare organizations in Connecticut, I had desired to work with as a healthcare executive after grad-school. I had a lot of negative discouragement from myopic individuals who believed that it's only nursing that's suitable and lucrative. Hence, I will not secure my desired executive  position especially as a person of color upon graduation. Well, my photos and ID say it all. I did my internship with Yale New Haven Health then transitioned to my current HHC. The two favorite Healthcare organizations that I always desired to work with in Connecticut.

Those who doubted the possibility of my dream and desire coming into fruition are still living in their wonderland and delusion as a result of my current status. Permit me to conclude this with my friend’s #Chioma Okeke lines

“If you are surrounded by people who believe your dreams are valid, you would definitely do better, but if you are surrounded by people who make you feel your dreams are too big, it won't take long before it rubs off on you.”

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  1. This certainly spoke right back to me. Thank you so much for sharing 🙌🙌🙌🙌