Sunday, May 17, 2020

Just a Little bit of KINDNESS

Give in silence and allow your kindness speak for you.As simple as the word KINDNESS may sound, has a lot of people guilty of showing it. This article title has 'little' attached to 'kindness' because so many people find it pretty difficult to even give an average gesture of kindness, that was why I had to start-off by talking about a little bit of it (Kindness). 
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Kindness does not only involve giving out cash or kind (generosity), it also involves being considerate, and friendly to that stranger, friend, parents, relatives, co-workers, employees, employers, servants etc of yours. I know we are all in difficult times during this global pandemic period. I know the degradation of our economy during this period has drastically affected our incomes and bank accounts. I know most of us are spending the money we have without getting another to replace the ones we've been spending, but that shouldn't dissuade or impede us from giving to those that have nothing at all to feed or survive on during this period we all are in presently.  You can also help others by organizing online Webinars to help better people's careers and lives during this period of social distancing.
Growing up I was told never to give money to beggars on the street, because most of them are tagged callous, devilish and mean, in the sense that they use people's money for rituals to sap their destiny in most cases. Funny! Later on, I got to understand that not all beggars on the streets are ritualistic, most of them are just short of daily amenities and revenues to survive and to feed themselves, and their loved ones. If giving out money is scary, there are other methods of giving to assist the needy. You can prepare meals, package it and share it to those less privileged beggars on the street, those less privileged children without parents in most orphanage foundations, etc. You can as well make donations to foundations since there are a lot of them that are in need of assistants from kind-hearted philanthropists. No matter how insignificant the help might be, learn to be kind, it goes a long way.

Learn to give without sounding an alarm to the public to draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Learn to give without expecting anything in return. The most profitable giving is the one that does not make a noise, but a quiet one that allows the receiver to speak for itself. 

That friend, employee, stranger, relative, etc needs your help, put a call across to them. It mustn't be about giving money all the time; Checkup on them through calls and messages, you don't know the soul you might save from committing suicide or throwing in the towel by the effort you made through reaching out to them. Be Kind, it pays and saves! Thank you

Photo Credit:, Fox 8,, Quora.

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