Thursday, May 28, 2020

Learn to SERVE

Your progress and growth is dependent on your ability to Serve, first.

The term 'Serve' in this article is not aimed at advising anyone to be a slave, bodyguard or errand boy/girl to anyone. But, if being that person will warrant you attaining that success or getting to that position/level you are supposed to get to or you are gunning for in life, then Serve. After all, it's still part of performing duties or services for a person or an organization. Smiles! Seriously, it's the truth in itself, either you believe in it or not.
A whole lot of people have achieved and attained greater heights in their careers, professional pursuits, marriages, relationships, etc because they've learnt or are learning to serve, without grumbling or unnecessary bickering either to their employers, bosses, companies, organisations, parents, spouses, etc you know why? because no man/woman is an Island of his/herself. Come to think of it, if everyone wants to lead who will serve? Nobody! We need each other to achieve certain set goals and ambitions. Moreover, how will you learn to lead, when you haven't learnt to serve? 

Listen, your saying 'yes ma' or 'yes sir' to that employer or boss of yours, will never stop you from progressing or becoming a leader tomorrow; only if you are consistent and committed in that craft or job of yours. I could recall when I started learning the Press Agent techniques from my former Press Chief Editor, on how to be a reliable and good Press Agent. Although it wasn't really easy, because I had my eyes on the highest calling of being a reliable Self-employed Press & Media Relations Officer/Manager, I had to humble myself to learn how to serve as a press agent, even though it warranted me then to consistently give up my sleep at night just to get information of how the early morning movement is going to be like as regards covering an event as a news reporter. It got to a point that I was tagged the most reliable press agent in my media firm as at the time I was serving as a press agent. Now it's paying off pretty well in my present self-employed job. Remember, if I hadn't learnt how to serve, I wouldn't have been able to learn the skill of working on my own. Although, I am still learning, because we learn everyday.

Your service for starters, is your leadership strength tomorrow. So, learn to serve without hesitation.

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